Friday, December 01, 2006

My weekend at Green Island

Ahh finally the weekend has arrived, and it looks like a perfect day to go out and have some fun.
I decided to go to a place called Green Island. Its a manmade island thats been reclaimed from the sea. A bridge connects the island to the main coastline.

Unlike my usual weekends, I managed to wakeup early and get outta the house by 9.30. Since it was a friday morning there was almost no traffic on the streets and I managed to get there in 30 mins. Bought the entry ticket and I whipped out my trusty Kodak CX7300 camera to capture the highlights of the day.
The island has a very nice walkway thats got the Arabian Sea on one side and shady trees on the other. Spotted a few cyclists as they went about their laps, but other than that there were no pedestrians except yours truly.
I completed a lap of the island and then went towards the Observation tower so that i could get a few shots of the Kuwait City coastline and the Bio Dome from a high angle. Counted 140 steps on my way to the top.. Whewww !! was outta breath for a couple a minutes there, ( mental note to self.. hafta work out more !)
I got a few shots and then it was time to begin my descent back to terra firma.
There are lots of flowers that bloom during this time of the year and they
looked really good on this grey misty day.

Well all that took about an hour and a half and the weather was taking a
turn for the worst, i decided to call it a day and went back home to a nice
hot lunch.. Burp ! excuse moi sil vous plais :)

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