Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Hey arent you supposed to be wild ?"

Hello city dwellers, this past weekend I decided to leave the confines of my urban surroundings and explore the facinating and sometimes dangerous world of Wild life photography.
Well to be honest, I went to the Kuwait Zoo.
Thats wildlife right ? :)

The entrance

As always my sense of timing couldnt have been more perfect ! (for those without Sarcasm detectors, this is me being sarcastic). I reached the zoo a few minutes after the animals had been fed their mid-day meal. To say the least I was downright disappointed. Heres me being totally gungho about seeing roaring tigers, snarling wolves and hissing reptiles, what I saw left me thinking " I've never seen such lazy ass animals in my entire life!"What I did see were snoring wolves, purring lions (yes they do purr when they're full), a snoozing leopard, stiff tortoises (no surprise there !) and a whole lot of idle deer. The only animals up and about were the monkeys. You might say that they were "monkeying" around (pardon the pun, hehehe)
If you want to see more pictures, please visit my Flickr Album

DSC00169 Leopard

DSC00170 Lions

DSC00171 Hippos

DSC00164 Llama

DSC00159 Wallaby

DSC00197 Porcupines

There is a message I would like to send to all animal lovers and zoo visitors,

Please Please Please Please Please DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS.


The animals at zoos are not left to fend for themselves, they are fed by the zoo authorities. I hate to see people feeding bread, burgers and popcorn to wild animals. They might recognise all food from visitors as being safe to eat and this gives miscreants an opportunity to feed dangerous substances to unsuspecting animals.


Anonymous said...

Hmm..Photos Kollalo...You bought a new cam?? What make is it??


mathai said...

dude, its a sony DSC H5,
i made a blog of it a few weeks ago

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