Friday, April 27, 2007

Ananthapuri picnic 2007

I attended the Ananthapuri Association 2nd annual picnic today with my folks. It was held at the Mishref Grounds. I must admit, it was loads better than the meet held last year, there were more people present and more events, and plus.. the food was excellent! : )

I always try to attend gatherings like this coz you get to see familiar faces and make new friends. Unlike last year where I ran a race and retired early, I participated in a couple of events this time and to my surprise came in third along with a new friend of mine !! My dad won a full house in Bingo and mom won a prize in a game of 'Pass the parcel'. All in all it was a nice picnic and the weather only made it better still.

As always I was out in full force with my trusty cam, here're the pics;

More pics here:

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