Saturday, May 12, 2007

PC upgrades

I'd been thinking about upgrading my grafix card for a few months now. I'm not a hardcore gamer so my choice of card was an MSI PCI-E card running the Nvidia 7100 chipset(with turbocache). And plus I had to buy a couple of case fans for my new PC case. So as always I headed over to the 'computer street' AKA Ibn Khaldoun Street, Hawally to buy the stuff I needed. As I was buying the case fans I saw a Quad color LED fan and bought one for the heck of it. I thought I might give my PC some 'Bling' as well :)

Fitting all the new components took me about 10 mins and I switched it on. Voila !! I got a display ! The first thing I tried out was Need for Speed Underground, since that was the one lying around. The grafix were a big improvement over the ATi display system I previously had !
And my little LED fan which I mounted on the side panel fan grill is glowing brightly in Red, Pink, Green and Blue.

The 7100 GS features 256 MB DDR RAM and decent overclocking ability.

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