Friday, June 22, 2007

A day well spent

I got up this morning with just one mission... to expend the least amount of energy possible! well things don't always go according to plan. I just couldnt ignore my stinky gym clothes and socks in the hamper, so first things first; Laundry !

Which was quickly followed by a hearty breakfast and a BIG glass of juice. I must've spent 5 mins with the day's paper and quickly tossed that aside to look for something else to do. I remembered that I had'nt changed the filters in the aquarium recently, so replaced them. Searched for a few torrents, set them up for downloads and then decided to take a breather !

But there's only so much time you can sit still ! Since it was too hot to go outside I thought I'd do some er.. studying ! yeah thats right ! I've been meaning to brush up on my animation skills but never got round to doing it. So I sat down with my Macromedia notes and must've read a couple pages before I got tired of 'tweening sprites' Damn, I may have ADD !

I was'nt really keen on spending a lotta time making lunch so I scoured the fridge for any leftovers and made do with that. Now here comes the best part... a Siesta !! It's something I cannot do on a weekday. Thats why my fridays are so special :)

Now I'm back in front of my PC again, checking mail, my torrents etc etc..
All in all, a day well spent. ;)

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