Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My new phone

I bought a new phone a couple of days ago. Had been putting it off for a while coz I couldnt decide on a model. I've been using various Nokias over the past 7 years and this time decided to shift loyalties. Even though I love technology and gadgets I wasnt looking for a 3G phone, its kind of an overkill if you ask me !
My requirements were ;
1. Quad-band, for when I travel,
2. A decent user interface,
3. Expandable memory,
4. Bluetooth connectivity and
5. EDGE for a faster internet experience.

Meet the SonyEricsson W810i Walkman phone. Its got all the features I wished and a nice 2.0 MP camera as well !I picked it up from Carrefour for KD 81.00, It's probably got the best package of all the phones I've ever bought !

. 512 MB MemoryStick Duo
. USB data cable, with PC suite software
. In-canal earphone with extra earpads
. Left and Right chanel audio cable
. Charger
Keep watching this space for more updates on the W810i.

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