Saturday, July 21, 2007

Raring to go !

I woke up this morning expecting a call from my mandoop* about my pending driver's license. Soon after 7am he called me from the Traffic Dept. I showered and got there on the double. Since it was so early in the morning the queue was just starting to form, and there was the mandoop with a smile on his face, as always. Why go with a mandoop ? Coz he possesses a magical thing called "Wasta**"!

My license would be issued from the Farwaniya Traffic Department and I had to go to the testing center in Qortuba for an eye exam. The eye exam was over in a few minutes and I went back to the Traffic Dept. at Farwaniya. After submitting the test results and stamped documents I heard the dreaded word "Bukhra" which means tomorrow !! Damn ! Now I've gotta come back tomorrow, but anyway I got this far without a hitch. I've heard horror stories where guys had flunked the driving test 8 times before getting a license. As they say in Kuwait Inshahallah !

* a mandoop is a sub species of homo sapiens that has the power to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. When us normal humans get tangled in red tape, the mandoop comes in handy to move things smoothly ;)

** Wasta is an intangible item that is used to get things done in both government and private offices.

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