Sunday, August 05, 2007

Age of the Ultra Zooms

Camera manufacturers never fail to impress me when it comes to cramming features into a small form factor. There's always been a race to see who can fit the most number of pixels into a CCD. Well, theres another criteria now... Zoom factor. Till a few years ago an average zoom was 4X, and some ventured to go upto 6X. I'm talking about the Point & Shoot variety, not D-SLRs. Then came a new breed called the "UltraZoom" many of which sported zoom factors of 10X and above ! I'm the happy owner of an Ultrazoom myself, a Sony DSC H5.

Check out the new cameras on the block, all of them 12X and above zooms.

Fuji FinePix S8000fd
8.0 MP
18X Zoom

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H7/H9
8.1 MP
15X Zoom

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18
18X Zoom

Canon PowerShot S5 IS
8.0 MP
12X Zoom

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