Saturday, September 08, 2007

Space woes !

I'm running out of space on my computer and need to do something fast ! I've backed up most of my stuff onto optical media in case of any mishaps, but even then it would be really convenient to have all my music, video and pictures easily accessible on the PC.

I was considering a 320 GB hard drive but looking at the latest prices, 500 GB drive is not such a bad option. I wouldn't mind shelling out some extra dough for a 1/2 TB drive if it'll give me some peace of mind(for the next few months at least !)

These are the main contenders

Hitachi Deskstar T7K500

Seagate Barracuda ST3500630AS

WD Caviar SE16

Samsung SpinPoint T166 HD501LJ

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Check out the latest hard drives at PriceGrabber

Now all thats left for me to do is choose one and go out and buy it.


Rayboy said...

they say that 500 Gb is not yet stable ... id recommend you take two 320 Gbs (SATA for speed and reliablity) . and if you have enough dough left, to pick up a NAS of 1 TB for your backup drive.

Mathai said...

thanks for the info Rayboy !
i might buy a single 320 GB and a NAS later on. :)

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