Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bo Meziane

Last weekend my wife and I visited a new Moroccan restaurant in the city. Its on the 28th floor of the Jassim Tower (opposite the Ice Skating Rink). The first thing that you notice when you enter is the view, no matter where you're seated you can be assured of a good view of the city, but personally I think the best place would be facing the Liberation Tower and seaside.

This is a new establishment and as you can imagine, the staff are very enthusiastic ( a little too much sometimes ! ;) ) and make sure that you're settled down comfortably. This was our first Moroccan dining experience so we ordered the popular items on the menu.

We started off with a House special Seafood cake and Chicken Pastilla.

The Chicken Pastilla was wonderfully done with a light and crispy outer shell and delicately seasoned chicken filling. The powdered sugar on the pastry perfectly complimented the spicy chicken filling! , needless to say, the pastry was enjoyed till the last crumb.

I wasnt too impressed with the Seafood cake though, the cake had more potatoes than seafood in it, I'm not sure if this was the way it was meant to taste, but I was expecting a more prominent presence of fish.

The Main course was a Shrimp Tajine and Plain Couscous. The shrimp was lightly flavored in a tomato based sauce, this is remenicent of the shrimp curry made in the backwaters of Alleppy although the latter version is much more spicy.

The couscous was cooked to perfection and both dishes were served in "Tajines" which was a nice touch.

How much did this Moroccan dining experience cost us ? KD 18.750 which is including cocktails.

** pictures courtesy of my crappy camera phone


Masterstroke said...

So theres a reason behind you missing the acqua park event!!

Sapna Anu B.George said...

From your flicker page i came here...... great blog and good pictures in flicker too

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