Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mutla and Tank graveyard

During our trip to Al Jahra (please refer to previous post) we also wanted to check out 2 places;

1. Mutla, the highest natural point in Kuwait and (Mutla Ridge - wikipedia)
2. Tank graveyard with destroyed Iraqi battle tanks (Photograph from Designzen blog)

We headed off from Jahra city and got onto the road pointed to the camping site and headed straight for the hills. It was a welcome change from the mainly flat Kuwait landscape and we parked near the summit and then headed off on foot to do some sightseeing and spot 'wild animals'. Unfortunately, even though we spotted a lot of tracks and foot prints we failed to see a single creature, not even a bug !

Finally we sighted some camels which turned out to be domesticated ones and spent some time petting them and taking photos.

The care-taker of the camp, a man from Nepal was happy to have some human company and even gave us a bottle of fresh camel milk that he had milked that very morning ! It was our first tasting of camel milk and we all took a sip from the bottle. The milk was thin and a little salty, maybe thats hows its supposed to taste but I wouldn't know.

We also met some friendly campers from neighboring Saudi

The tank graveyard was marked near a Military camp on Wikimapia but since we didnt have a GPS unit we were not able to locate the spot. Better luck next time !

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