Monday, December 29, 2008

Ahmadi Park and Church

My friends and I went for an early morning drive today in SJ's brand new Honda Civic and we ended up in Ahmadi ( how we got there is a long story and I'll post about it later someday)

Our main objective in Ahmadi was to fool around in the park, watch the animals in the zoo and visit the local Church. The park was open when we got there by around 7:50 am with temperatures in single digits. The workers in the zoo must have thought to themselves " man these people are CRAZY!!"

We took some photos in the park, had a whole lot of fun in the playground (imagine a bunch of guys in their late 20's on swings and see-saws :P )

and then headed over to our next destination... the church !

Theres a lovely little church in that area, it reminds me of the old chapels back home. When we finished our prayers we decided it was time to have a hearty breakfast since we'd been running and jumping all morning.

We went looking for a Indian restaurant since all of us wanted a steaming hot Indian breakfast and finally found one in the Ahmadi Shopping center called SAS Al Ahmadi :D !

We had;

Lentil Vadas

Puri and Channa masala

Dosa and Sambar

Idli Vada and Sambar

Kerala style Omlettes

and finished it off with some 'kadak' chai !


chikapappi said...

the zooooooooo! I was gonna go next week and reconnect with my wild side lol!!

My colleague is from Kerala, ama show him this post tomorrowwww !

Rayboy said...

great outing.. i need to do more of that

Anonymous said...


who said all r in the late twenties, see the readers mite misintrepret

Anonymous said...

On Fridays and Sundays, the church in Almadi is busy from before sunrise to sunset - it is shared by so many congregations. It is probably one of the highest use buildings in Ahmadi.

I love the way Ahmadi is built, all the little villas with their own enclosed yards . . .

Mathai said...

Chikka: yeah you should try some of this stuff, but can you handle all that spice ?
Rayboy: I love going out and exploring !
Anon: yeah I know who you are, dont worry you're the youngest in the bunch :P
INtlxpatr: I think it was designed by the European engineers who worked in the oil companies thats why its so different from the other areas in kuwait.

shine said...

Very nice picks,the food also looked great

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