Monday, December 01, 2008


Last weekend I joined two friends from work on a trip to Bubiyan and Sabiyah. It was my first road trip to that section of Kuwait. I found out on thursday night that the Bubiyan bridge is closed to civilians but thought " what the heck" might as well make the most of it.

We took the road towards Bubiyan and continued North till we reached our destination.

ATTENTION: Do not take pictures till after you've left the military zone in Mutla.
( we found out the hard way :D )

We set up our stuff in the desert with a view of the bridge and power-station.

Since it was mid-day, the skies werent at the perfect state for photography but we took a lot of shots anyway.

Time for some munchies !

From Bubiyan we headed off towards Abdaly

Almost near Iraq !

and did some dune-bashing where we managed to get the car bogged down in the desert but with Mr.N's skillful driving we were outta trouble in no time.

It was nice to finally see some proper sand dunes after living in Kuwait for so many years. I'm gonna make it a point to explore more of Kuwait till the end of winter.

Abandoned structure in Abdaly

Sunset on the way back

We've come a long way baby

Feeling the wind


Negooshi said...

Looks great, excellent photos man. Too bad I wasn't there. We will definitely set another trip this winter!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. looks like you guys had a lot of fun.. I just moved in here recently lock, stock, wife, kids and barrel from Dubai...
Its great to find out stuff to do on the weekends here in Kuwait..

Mathai said...

Purple: you can check my category called Kuwait Tourism. Also keep checking my blog for more updates. :)

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