Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meat and Fish

On Saturday morning I had to pick up my dad from the service center after he dropped off his car for servicing. Since it was around 7.30 in the morning we went to the Fish Market at Sharq to check out the days catch. My dad always insists on buying fish himself, he needs to inspect the fish and when hes satisfied he give the green signal to have it filleted or sliced.

Since I've been accompanying him since childhood I too like to have a good look at what I'm buying and ensure that I get really fresh fish.

We then headed over to our friendly neighborhood butcher for some red meat and picked up some tenderloin and chuck (I think)

This is how it looked by lunch time ! :D


chika said...

Fancy meal! We should collaborate ;p

Grey said...

Not a fish person... but i can the smell the aroma through my screen,... Yum !

Mathai said...

Chika: I've seen your food posts, yes we should collaborate.. fusion cooking is my favorite :P

Grey: Hehehe, yum is not the word.. frickin delicious ! :D

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