Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Junk food

Its hard not to avoid junk food in Kuwait, everywhere you go you see hoardings of big giant burgers dripping with sauces and big buckets of crispy chicken. By the time you travel 10 kilometers you would have seen at least a dozen roadside ads and you slowly get brainwashed and your brain takes control over the steering wheel to drive you to the very nearest fast food outlet. It can be any time of day coz they're open 24 hours a day and you dont have to even move your fat ass out of the car coz they have drive-in service ! No wonder people say you get fat when you live in the Middle East !

I'm not the kind of person who craves or has an addiction to fast food but sometimes when you're in a hurry or too busy with work the only option is to order from a burger joint. Lately I've switched from my sandwich lunches to fruit. Just fruit, sometimes just an apple or a banana. Its hard to chomp on an apple for lunch and be satisfied but when I think of my long term goal it gives me some consolation.

But I'm not saying I'm giving up fast food, I love a good burger like a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder and not to mention a couple of pieces of fried chicken with that cole slaw and fresh crispy salad and salty fries... oh oh I think I'm being brainwashed again...


Anonymous said...

..without wanting to sound pompous.. i just went home for lunch (the fish curry meals thingy) and topped it off with a bucket size cup of payasam !
wonder if the bosses would notice me taking a siesta...

pity mcdonalds on the arabian gulf street does not serve the kofta version of their mcarabia..
all said and done nothing beats the double whopper at BK !

Jonyboy said...

I gonna get me a pepperoni and a super supreme pizza.....from PH, on the way back home. My daughter loves 'em.

Bon apetite.

Manal said...

the best words

@I think of my long term goal it gives me some consolation.@


keep it up

Mathai said...

purple: hmm its been a while since I had some payasam. Hopefully our cook will make some ada pradhaman this weekend.

Jonyboy: a pepperoni AND a super supreme ! you are very greedy ! :P
haha bon appetite jony :D

Manal: thanks for your comment, yes I'm trying to stick to my diet. :)

Rayboy said...

Junk Food Loves IT Guys
IT Guys Love Junk Food

No one in between!

Mathai said...

Ray: Lol ! thats true !

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