Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Add-ons for Firefox

Nowadays I'm beginning to see a lot of people using browsers other than Internet explorer on a regular basis. From a quick analysis on the hit counter you can see that the next popular browser after IE is Firefox by Mozilla. I’ve been using Firefox since the early days and have grown fond of its stability and functionality, like they had tabbed windows much before IE and also support a lot of add-ons and user scripts.

Here are some of the extra add-ons I use on my PC.

Vista aero theme [link]
Gives your browser that “Vista” look.

Scribefire [link]
A blogging interface that lets you create, edit and publish to your blog.

Amazon Local currency script [link]
(for this to work you have to install Greasemonkey, described below)
This is really cool and displays the merchandise in KD or other currencies of your choice.

If you’re a heavy flickr user like me, here are some essential tools.

Greasemonkey [link]
Its a script management tool that inserts Java scripts into pages

Flickr referrer [link]
Shows people how you arrived at a particular picture or photostream

Flickr comment tools [link]
Lets you insert html code and other useful bits into comments

Icon/Name reply tool [link]
Helps you reply quicly to a commentor via his buddy icon or name

If you havent got Firefox, download it now ! [link]
You can find tons of other add-ons here [link]

Phew ! I dont think I've ever posted so many links in a single post before!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Mathai, just switch to Mac and all this effort is in the past!

Mathai said...

Intlxpatr: NEVER !! I shall not go down without a fight !! lol
thats why I dont even own an (yuck) iPod

Rayboy said...

the trend now is chrome... everyone seems to be into it

Mathai said...

Yeah its becoming popular now

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