Sunday, March 01, 2009

The best Mushakkal sandwich in Kuwait ?

Following one of my friend's recommendation some time ago, I checked out Al Sawaber restaurant . He claims they serve the best "Mushakkal" sandwich in Kuwait. Well, there's only one way to find out! For those of you not familiar with this sandwich, it's a soft roll stuffed with the following; Felafel/Filafil, French fries, fried eggplant, Tahina and salad.

So is it the best in Kuwait ? I liked it very much to be honest. The thing I liked about it was the way the roll was toasted and crispsy while the inside was soft and mushy coz I told them to go crazy with the Tahina. :)

They're located right between the KDD outlet and Sawaber Petrol pump on Hillali Street, Sawaber Area.
Phone # 22432364, 2428377


Jonyboy said...

Hey are making me hungry, now.

Well every filafil joint will hav their own unique n special, either the filafils themsleves or the potatoes or the cauliflower additions n of course their own special samoons or buns.

We in the office used to like a Syrian's joint next to Jashanmal's in city....but he had to move out, coz the building was to be demolished. Dunno where or if he has re-started elsewhere....but we sure do miss him a lot.

Then there is Restaurant 99....on Soor street. 8/10 in our office like their's too. And of course.....I like the mushakils of GAD too.

Now I'm REALLY hungry.

mario said...

Isn't that on Al-Shuhada street? Caz I go down there for a quick bite pretty often ;)

aquariius said...

i like the felafel s/w from dodo in salmiya. near labaguette / bread talk. check it out sometime.

Mathai said...

Jonyboy: Hey 99 is quite close to where I work ! I'll check it out soon :)

Mario: yup thats the one

aquariius: yeah I've heard of Dodo

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me get some recipes of these wonderful sandwiches...
I lived in Kuwait for 12 years and that was before Gulf war...
I really miss Kuwait...

Please send me recipes... anyone
My mail is



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