Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scenes from a moving train

Random scenes from a train traveling from Trivandrum to Cochin. By the time I reached Kottayam I was caught by the Police who wanted to confiscate my film roll and were confused when I told them that I didnt have any film in the camera. Apparently photography on a train is prohibited ! WTF ??? Since when ?

We like to do it 'Indian Style' :P


Elegant Chic said...

Photography on a train is prohibited??!!!???!!
Lolll may be they thought u were a terrorist on a mission ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
I too got back from a break last week and am already ready for the next one !

onlooker said...

:) that was fun, the pics. seeing so much green around, its so tough stopping ourselves from clicking away. and didnt know this one abt the train prohibition. have to be careful next time around.

Abid said...

LOL @ film story.

Nice pictures, especially #1!

Anonymous said...

#3...long time since I've seen that....

Mathai said...

Elegant Chic: I was carrying a whole lot of equipment, maybe thats why it looked suspicious :P

purple: thanks, hope you enjoyed yours.

onlooker : exactly !

Abid : thanks

mentabolism: :)

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