Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wasted lives

speed of light

Have you noticed the increase in young road accident victims lately ? Most everyday I see news items with the heading ; "19 year old critical", or "youths in fatal crash", "young lady flips car on Gulf street".

If you notice the crashed cars the majority of them are either luxury german cars or premium Japanese sedans and the victims are in their teens or early twenties. What does that say ? reckless driving ? If you've seen the way some maniacs weave in and out of traffic endangering themselves and other motorists you may understand why I have no sympathy for those unlucky bastards.

A person who can kill/injure another human being or himself with an automobile is no different than a person with a gun. If you look at it this way its a good thing if a suicidal driver kills himself without causing harm to others but my heart goes out to the ones injured/dead for no fault of theirs.

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