Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Back to salads

After a fortnight of boozing and stuffing my face while on vacation its back to the same ol grind and the same ol lunch routines. I try to avoid the salads with heavy dressings but sometimes vinaigrette get boring. I usually dont order from restaurants coz I feel guilty making the delivery guy come all the way up to my floor just to deliver a salad or a sandwich so I just ask the snack trolley guy to get me something when I'm hungry.

The Caesar salad from Americana is acceptable if you want to have a quick and light lunch. The croutons are packed separately which keeps em nice and crispy. The dressing is not bad and lettuce is always fresh and has a satisfying crunch.


Elegant Chic said...

Love salads!
Bon appetit!

Grey said...

Salads for cows ...men eat meat *beats chest like tarzan*

Mathai said...

Elegant Chic: I dont 'love' them but merci ! :)

Grey: Oh man there's nothing I love more than a big juicy beef sandwich but my Jane wants less belly on Tarzan *beats tummy like drum* :D

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