Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swine Flu Alert

Lets face it, Swine Flu is here and it wont go away easily. In Kuwait even medical staff have been infected and its in our best interests to take some precaution. My fellow blogger 'Name is Bond' has a post on this subject and you can read about it here.

On a lighter note.. I got this in the mail today about what you'll look like if you're infected by the H1N1 virus.


Elegant Chic said...

LOL at the pic! oink! oink!

Name is Bond said...

Mathai! Thanks a lot for the link!!
Jeezz...that pic is really funny!! said...

The picture is funny!

Despite the fact that Swine Flu is in kuwait, I still think people over-exaggerated the effects. You just have to take the right precautions, and see the doctors if you feel out of it!

Mathai said...

Elegant Chic: I was drinking coffee when I saw it and almost choked laughing !

Name is Bond: Sure no problem, :) exactly, but people always exaggerate stuff and the media makes it worse

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