Friday, August 14, 2009

We met, we talked, we talked some more

A big "Thank you" to Grey (and family), Mario, Ray and Purple for a wonderful evening today at the blogger meet. Unfortunately Mrs. Blogger Mathai couldn't make it to the meet thus leaving Mrs. Grey alone with a bunch of guys who yapped like a bunch of excited school boys who've just had too many sugary drinks.

It was our first meeting with Grey and the even more famous Grey Jr. who has already started practicing vocals to be the lead singer in a Death Metal band :) . Even though we always try to avoid computers in our conversation eventually the meeting turns into a nerd convention with terms like DHCP, POE, SSL, DSL, and ASDFGH being hurled around like weapons of mass destruction ( ok, maybe not the last one :D) Which left Purple and Grey looking at us like we were aliens from Jupiter.. sorry guys!

Thanks once again and hope to see more new faces at the next meet.

ps.. the person who can guess each blogger's phone correctly will win something from me !

update: Grey has just posted about the meet on his blog too [link]


brocasarea said...

greys is at 12 oclock position:P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post ! Did really enjoy the meet !

Oh ! you need to changed the comment format remember?


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