Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Three B's

Aahhhh, nothing like a long lazy lethargic weekend. No alarm clocks, no screaming for coffee, nobody banging on the bathroom door while I'm inside, pondering on my throne. Have you ever pictured having the perfect weekend? What would be your idea of a perfect weekend ? Would you laze around all day ? Or do you have the urge to accomplish something ? The strange thing with me is that my weekends never turn out the way I imagine them. By nature I like nothing more than to relax with a good book and a cup of hot coffee. My motto is "Conserve Energy Save the Planet", conservation of my energy that is :)

Today I decided to indulge myself and experience the three B's. It had been a while since my last experience and so I was really looking forward to it. Oh "what the hell are the Three B's" you ask ?


Thats a match made in heaven. Imagine this.. Clear blue skies, clear beaches,
the sounds and smells of meat on the grill and most importantly, a really chilled can of beer. Is there anything else in this world that can top this combo ? Well some may disagree but if you were to experience the Three B's for yourselves I'm sure you would change your opinion. Infact I wish people all over the world would have a beach barbeque together. It can bring people together and in the process bring an end to various conflicts around the globe. Imagine Israelis and Palestinians sharing some kababs, Indians and Pakistanis chatting over some spicy tandoori !! If only...

Its a religious experience
. The Way to Nirvana, you are surrounded by the sounds of the sea, gentle waves washing up on shore, the smell of the meat on the grill, the fizz from the beer can.

.The next step to Nirvana, bite into that luscious drumstick, savour the juices as it runs off the meat and into your mouth, you chew softly making sure to absorb the flavor of the charcoal smoke and spices.

.A little closer to true enlightenment, you take a sip of that chilled beverage, the little bubbles pop against your tongue, the smooth foam fills your mouth and then you gently swallow that mouthfull, the chilled amber liquid slowly makes its way down your throat and sends a shiver down your body.

.Now you have entered a higher plane, you look around you and realise that this is what makes life worth living.

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