Friday, March 02, 2007

SBK Fever

Floppies, cds, dvds, audio cassettes, pieces of paper, random notes, rubber bands and the odd paper clip. This is what looks back at me whenever I open my computer desk drawer. Well looks like its time to do some cleaning.
Good God ! never knew I had so much junk !, first things first.. all floppies must go! (coz my new pc doesnt have a floppy drive). Then managed to arrange the audio cds in alphabetical order, thats when I came across this gem !
Electronic Arts SBK 2001 !!! Man its been a long time since I maxed out on the tracks. I forgot everything else for a few mins and installed the game. This game came out when Foggie was King(thats Carl Fogarty for you non SBK fans)I promptly selected the 996, and Foggie as rider and Valencia for a couple of test laps.

Wheeee !!!

The first lap was a complete disaster coz I kept forgetting the braking points and acelerated well into the apex ! The second lap was much better and I was confident enough to try my hand at wheeling the 996. The bike goes up rather easily from first gear and keeps reaching for the sky with each gear change. Pride got the better of me and soon I ended up on the tarmac(lucky for me this is just a game! :) )

Pride goes before a fall !

Before I ended my practice session I wanted to check out the top end on the Ducati 996. I'm proud to say I topped out at 305 Kmph before I had to brake for a tight left hander at the end of the straight.

Life @ 305 Kmph !!

I miss playing these classic games, I think I might have F1 2001 somewhere around here, if not it might be with my brother. For now I'll be honing my skills on the Duc. I'm gonna start the game in championship mode as soon as I finish writing this blog.
Bye folks, Its time for Foggie to rule once again !!

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