Saturday, March 10, 2007

Down in the gutter

Its been a while since I've gone bowling,a really really long while! So naturally I wasnt expecting to bowl a perfect game when I went out this weekend with a few of my buddies. The less said about the first game the better. My balls(bowling balls that is ;) ) were in the gutter so often I think they were too embarassed to come back out through the ball dispenser.

I swear one of those balls, the orange 10 pound Brunswick was mocking me with his hollow little eyes and round mouth !

By the second game I was back in the game and managed a couple of strikes, although my total score was nothing to write home about. But hey its just a game right ? "It doesnt matter if you win or lose", Isnt that what the losers say ? :)
Well I gotta go now and disinfect my feet after wearing those stinky bowling shoes !

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