Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mmm!! Yet another great Easter!!

There’s nothing like a traditional Easter breakfast to get things going. I had to go to work today but I had just enough time to sit down and savor the delicacies my mom had prepared. Imagine my delight on seeing steaming hot Appams and Motta Curry !!

An Appam is a Keralite pancake made from fermented rice batter; this is usually served along with a thick gravy based curry. It was an egg curry this particular morning. I wolfed down a couple of appams and washed it down with a glass of juice and left for work.

Breakfast !

I managed to finish work by 3PM and rushed back home in time for a hot lunch. By this time there was a raging fire in my belly that only a wholesome lunch could satisfy!
Now this is what I call lunch!! I cant help salivating while I describe today’s menu. Here goes :

Chicken Biriyani
Tuna fish cutlets
Seer Fish in coconut and mango sauce
Roasted poppadoms
Gooseberry pickle
Beef pickle


After all this I really didn’t have much space for desert but it would be a grave injustice to the meal I’d just been served if I didn’t follow it up with something sweet. I had a chocolate Swiss roll and a cup of Mango frozen yoghurt. Mmm.. yummy !!
That’s all the time and energy I have for the moment. I’m gonna get some shut eye now and work out a few calories in the evening. Burp!!

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