Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rise of the Koreans !

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No, I wasnt referring to North Korea's nuclear ambitions by my headline, I'm referring to the South Korean auto makers like Hyundai and Kia. The buzz from the NY Auto show this year was the unveiling of the Hyundai Genesis concept car. This is a V8 engined rear wheel drive luxury car !! Thats right I used the words 'Hyundai', 'V8' and 'Rear wheel drive' all in the same sentence !

Many industry pundits are comparing the Genesis to the Lexus LS series when it first came out years ago. Many were sceptical of a Japanese luxury car competing with the Germans, but Lexus proved them wrong and the rest is history. But this is always not the case. Its hard to change your image from being a maker of economical people movers, to that of a luxury car maker. Does anyone remember the "Phaeton" ? :)

Only time will tell if Hyundai can pull it off.

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