Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On the road !

I ventured out on Kuwait roads today under the watchful eyes of my driving instructor Basheer. I'd informed him at the start that I used to drive back in India so I guess he was confident enough to relax his grip on the secondary steering.

I have registered for 3 sessions of 2 hours each. The car in question is a Nissan Sunny 1.8 , but it felt very lethargic and no matter how far I mashed the pedal it wouldnt go above 100 Kmph. I guess they must have some kinda speed governor on the throttle.

We headed out to the practice grounds at Mishref and spent about 2 hours making left and right turns, straight line reverses, left turn and right turn reverses etc. Whew ! never thought I'd be bored of driving but the session at Mishref was mind-numbingly dull. The high point of the day was when I freaked out Basheer a couple of times by breaking late into corners and taking a sharp inward turn, I could feel the feedback from the steering as he tried to counteract my turns :) Keep watching this pace for more updates.

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