Friday, July 13, 2007

Phone usage report

I've been using the W810i for the past two weeks now and I have one piece of advise for others like me who were hesitant to make a move to a different mobile brand; "Do it !" I was concerned about the user friendliness of the Sonyericsson mobile but it was surprisingly easy to use ! The menus and option lists are very well laid out. In this post I'll be writing about the file transfer options on this phone. The phone comes with a USB cable and this is the primary means of communication with your PC. Bluetooth is another option, once you buy a USB Bluetooth dongle. Sonyericsson recommends installing the PC Suite software, so I did !

Installation is pretty straightforward and quick. I've gone thru many forums on the internet where people have noted that its a pain to synchronise the phone or transfer files to and from the PC. I've yet to encounter any diffculty in this regard.

There are two options for file transfer, Phone mode and File transfer mode. In Phone mode the PC suite loads up and displays the sync and transfer options.

The second mode; File Transfer mode is the best if you want to get directly to the phone memory or memory stick. You'll find two removable storage drives in My Computer and its as simple as drag and drop ! Thats all for now, keep watching this space for more updates.

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