Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Analog X

In my quest for freeware I've come across many utilities and softwares that have exceeded my expectations. Just because it's freeware doesnt mean it has to suck at performance or features. Analog X is one such site, the downloads are categorized into Audio, Network, Programming, System and MP3 Music.

In focus today are AnalogX Proxy and Capture.

1. The AnalogX proxy provides an easy and simple way to share internet over your home network. I've tried this proxy with upto 8 terminals and it worked fine. If you have a small office or home network this is probably worth a try.

Download Proxy here.

2. Capture tool is great when you have to create system documentation with lots of supporting screenshots or diagrams. Just configure the shortcut key and the destination folder and you're all set. You also have the additional option of capturing only the active window. This is great when you want to avoid those annoying backgrounds or systray icons.

Download Capture here.

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