Saturday, August 18, 2007


It's been a while since I've had any Goldfish in my aquarium, so this weekend I went out and bought a couple. Offhand I would say they're in the adolescent stage and the average life span of these little critters is around 8 years, thats almost mammal territory !!

The good thing about Goldfish is that they get along with almost every kind of aquarium fish, except for the large carnivorous kinds; like Oscars. The only problem I've had with goldfish is that they get bored easily and then start to act like drunk college students; bumping into objects and other fish, uprooting plants and tank fixtures etc. But as long as they're quiet I don't mind !! : )


Maya // مايا said...

Aww! You got yourself bwabies! :D How quaint! :)

Whatcha gonna name him (..or her)?

Those oscars look nasty. Would love to give em a piece of my mind for scaring off the other fishiewishies! Grr. The Little Mermaid (aka yours truly) speaks for the goldfish community (they're a minority, hey!).

LOL! Like college students?! Where did you hear that from?! Hahahahahahaahaha. :P

Congrats on your fishiewishies again :)

♥ Maya

Mathai said...

hey maya ! thanks for stopping by !
yeah oscars can be real meanies :)
I was a college student myself a few years ago, so I know exactly how they act ! :)
thanks maya

Maya // مايا said...

My pleasure.

It is kinda scary though. I *actually* had a nightmare where I was eaten by a few Oscars! Seriously. Not kidding.

Blah. I better go see a shrink or something and maybe a voodoo priestess just to make sure.

♥ Maya

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