Tuesday, September 16, 2008

iPod Shuffle 1 GB

Help ! I'm the new owner of an iPod shuffle ! This is kinda what flashed into my mind when I accepted my prize of an i Pod Shuffle at a Gabgha recently.

I've never been a fan of the iPod mainly because of that the fact that they don't support drag and drop and that you had to use i Tunes. Nowadays with my ever increasing music library I've been
considering switching to the iPod fan camp and this 1 GB Shuffle may be my stepping stone to a 160 Gb iPod Classic.

First impressions;

this player is really tiny ! and I mean TINY ! its smaller than a matchbox and as thin as a match-book (if you exclude the clip on the back). As I unpacked the device I slowly began to realize why some people keep going on and on about the iPod, there's a certain cool factor to the packaging itself and everything is laid out in a neat manner. As with all models, the number of accessories in the box is limited to just the earphones and USB cable/cradle. The 3.5mm output
socket also does duty as the charging point and data port !

I hesitantly installed iTunes onto my pc and ripped a couple of my CDs to add to my iTunes library. I'm not a big audiophile but the sound from this tiny device is enough to satisfy most people. The highs were reproduced almost perfectly, the mids were clear enough and even the
bass sounded deep and there wasn't much jarring at higher volume levels.

This tiny Shuffle has been with me for a week now and I must say that this little fella is beginning to grow on me :)


Negooshi said...

This little thing looks neat man. Congratulations!

I guess owning one of these iPod things is inevitable. It is a curse man!

Rayboy said...

i hate itunes...

messes up my libraries
messes up CPU load
messes up my startup

i hate itunes....

im a PC! :->

Mathai said...

@ Negooshi; thanks
@ Rayboy; yeah I hate itunes too !

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