Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Its Ramadan time once again and with it comes a month of prayer, fasting and extremely reckless driving (for those of us in Kuwait). I attempted to observe a strict fast for one week but I admit to having failed a couple of times since I tend to de-hydrate rather quickly and need fluids to keep my health.

Now onto the main topic.. during Ramadan you can find these trays of little pancakes or crepes in all the Jamaiyas and supermarkets. I initially used to call them Ramadan Appams (Ramadan Pancakes) but then later my dear friend "Negooshi" informed me that they're called "Qataeif" or "qa6ayif" which is a sort of Middle Eastern pancake comsumed during Ramadan. I was also surprised to know that it mostly eaten as a dessert, since during my experimentation with qataeifs I had discovered that they taste good with something savory.

Here's how I like to have my qataeifs, with some good ol' roast beef and gravy.


Negooshi said...

I want to taste the Indian version of Qa6ayif! your next article should be about how to make what you just shared with us..... Or... how make Chicken Khorma!

Good job man, keep it coming. :)

Rayboy said...

that looks yummmy!

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