Saturday, October 11, 2008

Al Mulla Service

I had to send in my car for the 10,000 KM service this weekend and thats when I realised that I've had this car for about 8 months and have never posted anything about it !

This is my baby with the Liberation tower in the background.

I dropped of the car at the Mitsubishi service center at Al-Rai today morning at 8 and was promised delivery at 2pm but since today was a holiday I told them I'll pick it up in the evening.
A lot of people have told me that the service at Al Mulla sucks and that I should have reconsidered buying from them but I've yet to come across any bad incidents. From the time I went there to take a look at the car till date I've had really good service. But please avoid the showroom at Soor street. The salesmen over there hardly have time to take you over the features of the car. Maybe they didnt think I was a potential customer... well bad luck suckers !!! I bought the fully loaded model from the Al Rai showroom so you can kiss that commission goodbye !

If you are going to the Al Rai service center, there's a service rep called Mr. Janson who will take good care of you but all the staff there are very nice anyways.


Grey said...

I have heard tons of ( bad ) stories about Mulla on ,since IIK is the whorehouse for Indians i am not sure to believe them or not . Same thing happend to me while i was shopping for my car, i was intrested in American Cars , i went to Alganim at Rai ( used cars) and buggers didn't give shit . Anyways i ended up buying Lancer from Sahala .
Its common , when they see Indians they think of us as non-buyers .

Mathai said...

yeah it happens in most showrooms,I guess its coz we indians like to hang around the store, ask questions and then leave without buying anything :)

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