Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Avial Album Review

I've had the Avial album for a couple of weeks in my car now and i've listened to all the tracks a million times (well.. not that much :P ) The first word to come to mind when I describe is just 'wow'. I mean its just great to hear rock music in my own language, Malayalam. I'm really glad that they didnt follow the other Indian rock bands and cut an album with English lyrics. And this has worked wonderfully well in their favor. The whole album has got an earthy, natural folksy feel and the instruments blend in perfectly with the lyrics, giving it a strong rock energy but with an ethnic twist !

For someone whos listened to rock music for a long time, some of the songs in this album has a familiar feeling, almost like a long lost friend. After some careful listening you can see the influence of bands like Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, Dream Theatre and maybe a little hint of Linkin Park. The best thing about the album is "The BASS" , I'm a bass head and I love the deep rumble of a well tuned Bass guitar. My hats off to the bass player.

My favorite songs on this album are Karukara ( I'm in love with Aparnasree's voice), Chekele, Aadu Pambe and Njaan Aara. I think the crowd favorite is Nada Nada but guys please listen to the other tracks as well.
Finally, guys please buy the real deal coz the original CD has write-ups about the songs and background info. So collectors would be better off buying the cd rather than downloading it from iTunes.

You can also buy the songs from Amazon


Grey said...

Well we both have something in common . I too have Avial , although i don't understand Mallu .. NADA NADA is my favourite ( i wonder how you didn't mention the 'hit' song ) .. I hear that they are a great band to watch live.

Grey said... check this blog .

Mathai said...

Yes I like Nada nada too but it gets played a lot and I wanted to mention the other songs as well.

Yes I've heard they are great to see live. They had a show recently in Mauritius. My friend Tony is one of the singers and the mixer in the band. He appeared on stage in a 'Lungi' !

Nice collection of songs on your blog ! great effort !

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