Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Aquarium

Last weekend I went and bought an Aquarium for my new apartment. I bought it from the same shop I bought the previous aquarium from, in Al Rai near the Friday Market. This new tank has dual lights and it looks cool at night with the blue light.
Since its new I haven't bought too many fish, just two pairs of goldfish for the time being till the ammonia levels in the tank stabilize.

For my readers who would like to keep fish as a hobby, here are the essentials.

1. A nice tank (preferably with a built-in filter and moulded front glass)
2. water heater
3. colored gravel
4. fish net
5. siphon (for periodic cleaning)
6. Blue medicine ( you need it for the initial tank setup)
7. activated carbon (for the filter)
8. fibre foam (for the filter)
9. water pump and air pump (you probably wont need it if the tank already comes with one)
10. a few good decorative ornaments
11. and finally some fish !!

Here are some links to help those starting out.





This link has a lot of nice accessories for your tank;



Negooshi said...

Excellent post!

I didn't expect I'd like a florecent blue light in a fish tank but surprisingly that one looked great. By the way was that an octapus ornament in the tank? I think you should take more closer pictures of the tank and the fish!

And yeah, my aquarium will kick your aquarium's ass!

Grey said...

not a fish person .. somehow never thought about it

Rayboy said...

thats great .. what fish you plan to have in the end?? .

Mathai said...

@Negooshi: we'll see about that !! hehehe
@ Grey: its a nice hobby, I highly recommend it :)
@ Rayboy: well the thing is.. I wanted a flower horn or a chichlid ( like Oscar) but the popular vote was for regular fish like Goldfish and Gowrami. I've bought the same and will post about them soon.

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