Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam and Spam

Don't drink cold water after an oily meal, check your back seat before driving, dont pump a tankful of gas in your car, dont eat from KFC coz its not real chicken, some Nigerian dude wants to send me a gajillion dollars, microsoft will pay me for every email I send, some little girl with cancer will get money for every email I forward, if I dont forward a grainy picture of Jesus/Mary to atleast 15 people I will die in the next 5 days, Indian employees make up more than 30 % of most prestigious American companies, pictures of ugly limosines which are rumored to be owned by the likes of Bill Gates and other rich dudes, Important medical news from Johns Hopkins Hospital ( are there no other hospitals in the world ??), mobile phones that can cook an egg, fuel gauges that tell you which side the fuel filler cap is on (not true for all cars) Chinese /Taiwanese people eating dead babies, an incoming call from a certain number on your mobile phone can kill you/ infect your phone with a virus...

I get mails like these everyday sent to me by scores of ignorant spammers and many of them have been in circulation since 1992 !! I guess soon after the first email came the spam mail. My dear readers please please please stop sending these emails. For more information on these emails kindly visit any of the following sites. Lets keep our inboxes spam free.


Truth or fiction




Tips to combat email spam and hoaxes [Link...]


Grey said...

OMG ! you didnt forward the Mother Mary picture ... you are so screwed no you gonna get that phone call when you are filling the gas tank while eating that fake KFC chicken and djie ... muhahahahaha !

Mathai said...

dude, if that happens I'm holding you responsible !! LOL !

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