Saturday, November 22, 2008

Qasr Al Ahmar

This weekend my friends and I decided to "Discover Kuwait" and we planned to visit the famous Red Palace, or Qasr Al Ahmar as its known in Arabic. This monument is located in Al Jahra area near the Fire station (Matafee)

Theres a museum thats inside the old fort and it has many sections that recreate scenes from Kuwait's past, including hunting, falconry, handicrafts, folk dances and the Kuwaiti way of life in the 1900's.

Photography is not permitted inside the exhibition rooms and entrance is free. Be sure to get your copy of the brochure explaining the Qasr's importance in Kuwait's history.

Al Jahra (wikipedia)

Qasr Al Ahmar (Kuwait Times)

Update: Here's the location on Wikimapia

Location Map

Aerial view


Negooshi said...

I had fun reading about your journy to Mutla, that was entertaining!

Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us how exactly do we go there. By following which road?

Mathai said...

Just take the 6th ring road till you get to Jahra Governorate, then head towards Jahra Firestation. The Qasr is on the intersection of 9-2 and 8-2 streets.

Mathai said...

Updated the post with location maps. :)

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