Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aquarium update

These are the guys in my aquarium. This month I lost a couple of fish, a Catfish (also called a shark in most pet stores) and a dwarf Gaurami. I'm not sure what happened coz I'm very careful in taking care of things in my aquarium. One morning I noticed the catfish had some kind of growth on its side and then died the next day. The Gaurami's death was kind of unexpected, I came home from work and found it lying dead on the floor of the aquarium. Both of them were flushed down the toilet after I payed my er... respects :D

Forgive me for my ignorance about the scientific names of these fish.

Gold fish


Silver shark



Suckermouth catfish


Jonyboy said...

Oh yes....can understand the feel, Mat. Infact, I stopped with the 'fish-keeping'.....(cudn't find another word for it)....when 2 of our fav cute goldfishes...'kuku' and 'akku'....(tats wat my dau named them)....died.

I still remem the tears in her eyes, when they were flushed down the drain....(of course, after the ....errr.....last rites).

In this line of hobby, u will hav to deal with such issues n also shud hav a heart of stone, to do the 'flushing'.

Good luck.

Btw....I like the interior deco of ur aquarium. Nice.

mario said...

What happens when you go on leave? Who feeds the fish?

Mathai said...

Jonyboy: thanks
Mario: Usually I get a cousin or neighbor to feed them while I'm on vacation.

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