Monday, January 19, 2009

Twilight - Movie Review

I just got back from the theaters after watching 'Twilight' the movie with my wife and sister-in-law. I usually don't go to the movies on weekdays, I went for two reasons;
1. Monday night is 1/2 rate night, so I just pay 1.5 KD per ticket :)
2. It was 'supposed' to be a Vampire flick

From a guy's point of view this movie didn't live up to my expectations but my wife and sister-in-law liked it a lot. I'm a big fan of Gothic style Vampire movies with a heavy metal soundtrack and lots of fight sequences, but I guess this movie is intended for the teenage set or the ladies. I did like some of the scenes and a very clever camera angle in the class lab scene which made me think if it was a deliberate move from the director or it happened by mistake. ( the dude looked like he sprouted wings, but it was actually a stuffed owl in the background)

All in all I'd say it was worth a watch, and as I came out of the theater my wife mentioned something about a sequel and then I came to know that the next movie would have Werewolves in it ! I would watch the sequel but only on a Monday ! ;)

ps. stopped for a Filet-o-fish sandwich on the way back.


Manal said...

My daughter didn’t stop bagging me and her father till she got to watch it
She read the book twice
And then the school and as part of a drama subject they took her for a trip to watch it again

So she was more than happy to watch the vegan vampire twice

Anonymous said...

chic flick !!

Jonyboy said...

I wudnt waste a fil on such movies. A vampire shud be a vampire n not some romantized moron, running after a teenage girl.

Bring out the fangs, the vampire bats, the dark rooms, the chill, the goosebumps, the suspense, the horror.......

Anonymous said...

Am off to watch the Obama saga unfold on the telly..

Have a nice evening !

Mathai said...

Manal: Yeah this seems to be a fav for the ladies and girls.
lol @ Vegan vampire

purple: yes 100% chick flick :(

Johnyboy: bring out the BLOOD ! :D

purple: I missed it man :(

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