Friday, January 02, 2009

Cat shit !

I found this posted in the corridor of an apartment building near here. Seems they have a major cat problem. But I thought cats were clean animals :S


chikapappi said...

Yeah they are, if they're like domestic pets unlike the stray street cats that are health hazards! Tell them to stop feeding them or leave food away from the building!

Anonymous said...

Cats LIKE to be clean - but if you are a street cat, life is tough. Foraging for every meal, competing with some very tough, fight worn cats, trying to find a warm place in the freezing cold, or a shaded place in the searing heat, and knowing that the world is largly stacked against your survival.

Some poor cat probably got stuck inside, scared to death. Or hoping someone would take pity and have a grateful companion for life.

MacaholiQ8 said...

Domestic cats are clean but street cats are filthy little creatures! If only killing them was fair I would have wiped them ALL!

Mathai said...

Chika: they're not feeding it. i think they attack the garbage bags before the Harris takes it out.

Intlxpatr: Life is tough for a cat or dog. But we do have an increasing stray cat problem in kuwait.

MacaholiQ8: lol ! SPCA wouldnt like that !

Anonymous said...

I don't think the cats are to blame... There are probably no public toilets nearby :)

Mathai said...

yeah probably :P

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