Saturday, January 03, 2009

Visit to the pet store

This weekend I had to visit the pet stores in Al Rai to pick up some fish food and check to see if they had any new aquarium ornaments.

To buy aquarium equipment I always visit the third store on the left side after you come if from the main entrance. They have a a lot of accessories and essential items for your aquarium.


chikapappi said...

I really hate fish and birds for pets .. poor things are captivated and they die quickly ;p ok ok I am being mean ;p

Mathai said...

Chika: they dont die quickly if you take good care of them. I try not to overcrowd my aquarium so that they have space to swim and have fun. :D

Rayboy said... know anyone who is interested to take my snake heads.... for free but to good home

Negooshi said...

Hey, Parrots live for 60+ years in a cage!!

But I always love to let my parrot out of his cage every now and then to spread its wings/legs. I love their goofy walk!

Mathai said...

Rayboy: there was a guy who would've taken them but he is switching to a saltwater aquarium. :(

Neg: yeah you told me about him once :D

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