Saturday, January 31, 2009


I met with a fellow blogger today. It was my first meeting with another individual from the blogosphere and hope to meet the others in my blog roll in the near future.

That's me in the sneakers. :)


Anonymous said...

who's idea was that photograph??
pretty cool snap !! creative.. am not kidding !!
has anyone seen the movie - vicky cristina barcelona? saw it last nite.. not sure where to place it.. something between a chic flick, great wine goblets and a travelogue on the finer musings of life in barcelona - swell camera work, great casting and a decent script. ..and ofcourse penelope cruz for the guys and javier bardem for the gals... enjoy.

mario said...

Seems Grandizer is bringing the bloggers together ;)

Mathai said...

purple: that was a spur of the moment pic that I shot as we were leaving after our meeting. thanks :)

mario: yes Grandizer was a catalyst for our meeting. We can meet too

Rayboy said...

Yes, it was great meeting 'Blogger-Mathai". We shared quite abit of ideas, thoughts and opinions. there should be blogger meets once in a while.

the shoes idea was instant from Mathai. he is really creative :-)

Mathai said...

Ray: thanks for taking the time to meet me and for sharing your tips on IT. And thanks for the coffee too ! :D

Anonymous said...

Great photo for the occasion. I really like it.

Mathai said...

buyousef: thanks !

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