Sunday, February 01, 2009

Rock On OST - Review

I've got this nasty habit or buying or downloading more movies and music than I can manage to watch or listen to. One of my purchases on my last visit to India was an OST of the movie "Rock On" by Farhan Akhtar and it was lying unopened in my entertainment cabinet till last week. Now usually I dont listen to a lot of Hindi film music coz it really frustrates me.. I mean how many songs of "Ishq", "pyar" and "mohabat" (all the same word for love, apparently) can a poor guy tolerate ? Even my dear wife thinks I'm a first rate snob when I dismiss Hindi film music, but hey let me tell you, I'm a rock fan and for me music is much more than just some guy singing. Its about amazing riffs that boggle the mind, deep thumping bass guitars, lightning quick fingers on the fret board, distortion and fast paced drumming all coming together in a wonderful symphony of sound.

I'm a big fan of Farhan Akhtar, although I've seen only one movie of his (Dil Chata Hai). This was the reason I bought this CD coz he seems to know what hes doing... and plus the guy can sing too ! This OST has been playing in my car for the past week and there only one thing I can say. This is the best OST in Hindi films after Dil Chata Hai ! This is not a hard core rock album but its a good effort in Indian film as far as rock music is concerned. I don't know if its a good(or bad) thing but some of the songs have got an 90's feel to them and somehow reminded me of old Bryan Adams songs. Ok now I wont waste much time going on about the album. Listen to the whole Cd with an open and enjoy some Indian film music that dares to be a little different . You'll either love it or hate it ;)

Song list
1. Socha Hai
2. Pichle Saat Dino Mein
3. Rock On
4. Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein
5. Zehreelay
6. Tum Ho Toh
7. Sindbad The Sailor
8. Pichle Saat Dino Mein (Live Version)
9. Phir Dekhiye

You can listen to the tracks at this location [link]


Anonymous said...

sindbad the sailor - what a track !

have you heard the audio to Dev D ?

Mathai said...

Yeah Sindbad is a fun track but not really my kind of track.
Havent heard DevD but I saw a couple of trailers and it looks good. I'll see it soon or buy the DVD.

Grey said...

My son is crazy about ROCK ON songs, whenerver the songs is on Channel V.. he just pauses..

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