Saturday, January 17, 2009

Racism in Kuwait

I'm not a newcomer to racist comments or slurs. I'm an Indian with dark skin and that's the way I was born and I have no issues with that. What really bugs me is people of Asian countries acting like white Americans.

Last night I was out taking some photographs at the Hard Rock Cafe and there was a bunch of young kids playing the guitar and singing some songs. I was minding my own business, setting up my tripod and carefully taking some long exposure pictures of the sea and lights on the seashore. All of a sudden I hear someone shouting out "hey boy" "hey blackie" "yo black ass" and some more stuff in Arabic which I could not comprehend. I usually turn a deaf ear to stuff like this , "Sticks and stones...".

I dont understand why a Middle Eastern person would put on a fake American accent and then shout out racial slurs to another Asian (Yes most Arabs are Asian, deal with it) But let me tell you, if I were a person of African heritage I would have "whooped" his ass.


Have a nice weekend "7abibis"


chikapappi said...

baba.. ady = normal, we get crap like that all the time as well and I'm in for any ass kicking any time! ;)

Mathai said...

Moo mushkil Chika, aady !
Yeah we can go out ass kicking one day !

Jonyboy said...

Here in Kuwait....its not something un-usual. Hav been down tat road, numerous time.

Anonymous said...

...can't blame the kids.. blame the parents.. ..pathetic role models.. most of these blokes have a serious inferiority issues.. ..problems in their native countries etc.. trust you get the drift? so then, they let out steam on 'lessor mortals' over here...

Negooshi said...

You shouldn't even waste a spot in your blog for that schmuck. Judging from the story I think he was a teenager kid. I personally hate phonies and taking an insult from a fake person is not acceptible. If I was with you we'd kick his ass with sticks and stones!

I think faking an american accent is degenerate. It doesn't sound "intelligent" and only kids and/or simple-minded people think it's "cool".

Mathai said...

jonyboy: yeah happens to all of us

purple: they are not taught to respect other culture or people, but what can we do ?

negooshi: yeah man, its pathetic when they try to act like this

Grey said...

been there ..

but It not his fault ,if only his mom wasn't a ho !

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