Thursday, January 15, 2009

Indian Rock

I was visiting Grey's blog on Indian Rock music last night and I must say that hes complied the most impressive set of Indian rock bands I have ever seen. Over a decade ago Indian Rock was almost unheard of in the Indian subcontinent and existed mostly as underground concerts or private jam sessions at local gatherings. It was difficult to get sponsorship, support or even permission to stage a concert back in those days.

One of the first Indian bands I heard was Rock Machine back in 1992 and can you imagine, the record shop that I bought it from had ordered only 50 copies since they didnt expect anyone to buy them ! Rock Machine went thru some changes later on and became "Indus Creed" and now two of the original band members have formed a new group called Alms for Shanthi.
Another popular band from the 90's was 13AD.

The important thing is that these dedicated rockers survived and many of them have achieved star status now. For instance, in my hometown of Trivandrum there was a band called Charizma that played covers and had a few successful concerts in their resume. Now one of the guys (who also happens to be my friend) is in the very successful band Avial ! I wish him all the best.

And to all Indian rockers I say " ROCK ON !!!"


Grey said...

Thank you so much !

Jonyboy said...

Of all the words in this universe .......'avial'....!!!!!


Are these guys 'pure' vegetarians or wat....????!!!!

Mathai said...

Grey: no problem dude, anything to help another rock fan ;)

jonyboy: actually the name fits their music style perfectly. Check my album review of Avial and also buy a copy. If you like rock music you wont be disappointed :)

jared92 said...

hey u can chk out some more bands on my blog :

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