Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What happened to all the Traffic ?

There's something fishy going on here in the State of Kuwait... very light morning traffic for the past couple of weeks. Normally this would be a good thing but today morning it took me just 12 minutes to get to the office !! I heard barely 3 songs on the radio and "BANG" I'm pulling into the parking area in our office building.

On a usual work day with the school and office rush at (7am) it takes me about 45 minutes to get to Mirqab and you can imagine my surprise when I did the same route in 12, and plus no crazy ladies have been trying to run me over in their big SUVs ! :D

Photos taken at 7:30 AM today

My theories are;

1. Schools are closed for some reason,
2. Universities are on a break,
3. Many people have taken off on holiday,
4. Work timings may have changed for some private companies,
and my most disturbing theory is;
5. Massive lay offs due the global economic crisis and its effects in the Middle East. :(


Jonyboy said...

Well the Coptic Chritians are celebrating their Christmas today and coincidently, the Shia Muslims are celebrating 'Ashoura' which is also today.

As for skools n all.....well guess everyone has fine tuned their daily routes n routines.....unlike the initial mad-rush.

Global recession.....hmmm...I dont believe it has hit Kuwait as much as it did elsewhere.....but I think ppl are preparing for any down-turns and saving 'car-pooling'.

Anonymous said...

Which area is that in the photo ?

Mathai said...

@ Jonyboy: thats a set of really good reasons.
@ Anon: this area is in front of Soor street near the Ice Skating Rink

Rayboy said...

you could add more

1. families still on holidays.
2. illegals hiding in.
3. People made new year resolutions not to go to work
4. New Work from home concepts :-)

MacaholiQ8 said...

Jonyboy said it all.

But isn't it much better that calm? :P

Mathai said...

@ Ray: lol yeah or maybe the illegals are working from home now ? :P
@ i like calm too but this was almost scary ! :O

Jonyboy said...

Thanx Mathai. I cud think of a zillion reasons, both factual and fictitious, but dint wanted to bore you with tat. :)

Hey Macaholi. Yes the calm is there n I enjoy it....but I still miss the morning traffic. I mean, look at it from another point of view.....wat betta way to chek-out and see, the new models of cars, SUVs, gas guzzlers etc, than in the morning traffic? I usually miss the 'evening' traffic, when I head home from work.

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