Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Indian School Jabriya

On Thursday my mom and I attended the Grand Reunion of New Indian School Alumni at the Crowne Plaza in Farwaniya. It was great to see many old faces and once again interact with my teachers. I was amazed to see guys from the 1976 batch, I didn't even know our school was that old ! The school operated from 1976 to 1990 and didn't resume after Liberation. :(

Unveiling the school flag

The whole event was masterminded by DJ Mario and a dedicated team of ex-NIS students. Overall the event was managed superbly and everyone had a great time. There was a projector showing pictures from the good old days and we even sang the School Anthem together after almost two decades ! I hope to see more from this group in the years to come.

The Team

Our dear teachers

If there are any ex NIS students reading this you can join the Facebook group here [link]
The NIS website [link] where you can keep yourself updated on the latest happenings

Party time !


chikapappi said...

Remember the Hyatt hospital party thing in the newspaper?! ;p Be careful those pics are leaked to the press lol - jk ;p

Jonyboy said...

Hey Mathai.....was tat cake enuff for all you guyz....:)

So u r an ex-NIS.....coool.
I too am an ex-ISK geek.

Mathai said...

Chika: I don't think the authorities would bust an innocent school reunion ! :P

Jonyboy: yeah and would you believe it there were leftovers ? I didnt have any , had something else for dessert ;)
Which batch are you from ?

mario said...

Too bad I missed it!!! :(

Jonyboy said...

Am an ol'timer....Mat.
Passed out 10th in 1984.

dj said...

Hi boys, thers no problem if the pics do go on the net as it was a clean party. some pics are come on the kuwait times n arab times already. Plus we had the ministry permission.
It was not a commercial party.
Mario Fernandes

Mathai said...

mario: hopefully there'll be more programs in the months to come. cheer up :)

jonyboy: man you're OLD ! :P
11 years older than me to be exact.

mario: thanks for the comment, all the best for future programs.

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