Sunday, February 22, 2009

NBK Walkathon 2009

Theres less than a month left for the NBK walkathon, time to get your lazy asses off the couch and start training. The total distance to be covered is 8km (for men) My current record is 4.5 kms in 1 hour..I need to work on extending my range to 8 kms by March 14th.

NBK press release
[...National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), has recently started the preparations for the launch of its 15th annual Walkathon titled "Say No to Drugs", scheduled to kick off on 14th March, 2009 as part of an all-inclusive drive initiated by the bank to combat the spread of drug use, particularly amongst young generations and promote awareness about the health and risks of drugs. The Walkathon event will also feature a host of functions, activities and competitions with rewarding prizes and rewards awaiting the participants...]



Anonymous said...

hey its 14th today, what time its starts

text me plz 66790536

Mathai said...

Please report to the booth at Scientific center, Salmiya by 14:30 hrs.

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