Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I've got a cold and fucked up throat. I cannot believe this!!! I'm supposed to be traveling in the next couple of days and now this happens. If there's one thing I hate its getting sick right before a trip. It's just a frickin cold and theres no solution.

We have scientists sending rockets to outer space but theres not even a single geek out there who can make a pill for a bad throat ?? And all you so called geniuses who've mapped DNA... drop that shit and try to find a cure for cold!!

The best I can do at the moment is drink hot soup and get some shut-eye. Goodnight.


chika said...

no! Hot milk with cinnamon and honey THEN shut eye! get well soon, am sure you'll be better- you should knowing that you're leaving man!

Mathai said...

Oh thanks for the tip Chika ! I'll try that today. :)

Grey said...

Dude ! just gargle with luke warm salt water three times a day ... it will be hokay ... Seriously , NOW !

wait .. this is yesterdays post ..

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